Training Log

November 9-15

Monday, November 9

Afternoon Hike/Jog with Madi in the trails.  3.3mi, 724 ft gain.

Tuesday, November 10

Easy 7.  mixed road and trail.

Wednesday, November 11

AM: Morning shakeout and some strength work.  2mi

PM: RVR group run.  6mi and 1,218 feet gain.

Thursday, November 12

Morning Kenyan shuffle.  9.8 miles, continually picking up the pace until the end.  Handful of sub-6 miles thrown in there.

Friday, November 13

AM: 5.6 miles recovery run.  nice and easy.

Noon: Hike/Jog with Madi.  3.5 mi, 1,017 feet gain

Saturday, November 14

Bandersnatch 5k.  Fun race this morning.  Half up, half down.  I took it out hard and made it a race to the top, which ended up working out.  Won in 22:54.  Nice opportunity to get in some super fast downhill running. Strava

Sunday, November 15

18.3 miles on the PCT with Cole this morning.  Left hip flexor was definitely getting pretty sore the second half of the run.  Still an awesome day though.  Every step was in the snow! 2h54m and 3,124 feet gain.  Strava

Weekly Totals: 9h45m running, 62.7 miles, 9,265 feet gain.  First time I’ve ever had an up week the week following a marathon.

November 2-November 8

Monday, November 2

4xdirt road above the park.  Each rep was a little under a mile long, and had a slight incline and decline on either side.  Each rep got a little faster, but still very in control the whole time. Could have done a few more, which was the goal for the day at the end of the workout.  8.7mi

Tuesday, November 3

Recovery day.  To keep myself from going too fast on easy days, I always dress as if it is 10 degrees colder than it really is.  6.5mi

Wednesday, November 4

Took another easy day today, because I am going to do the Lithia Loop Marathon this Saturday.  5.4 mi

Thursday, November 5


Friday, November 6

Afternoon shakeout on the ditch.  Some drills and strides to loosen up the legs.  3mi

Saturday, November 7

2015 Lithia Loop Trail Marathon.  Did a 1 mile warm up before the start.  Was never full gas today, but kept a very high effort the whole time.  Tried to stay efficient and smooth the whole time, and I was decently successful at that.  Just over 3 hours which was way slower than last year, but considering the training, I’ll definitely take it.  27.3 miles including warm up.  No cool down due to a decent sized blister on the ball of my foot.  Strava

Sunday, November 8


Weekly Totals: 6h 24min running.  51.1mi and 5,889 feet of gain.

October 26-November 1

Monday, October 26

Easy run through the park with 10 minutes of diagonals at the end.  7.7mi. 57min.  Injecting some speed into these legs!

Tuesday, October 27

Easy Oredson-Todd loop.  6.6mi 56min.  Damn near ran into a mama bear and her two cubs on the ditch!

Wednesday, October 28

Up Lithia, Bandersnatch, Alice in Wonderland, and down Bonsai back to the house.  7.3mi and 1,488 ft of climbing.  68 minutes of running and the climbing legs need some work! Strava

Thursday, October 29

Slow and flat today.  5.5mi 45min

Friday, October 30

Long run, tempo run, and speed work all in one run! Started at the toothpick trail head off of Tolman Creek Road.  Went easy across toothpick, tempo up the loop road, 10 miles flat with a progressive pace, then down the loop road hard.  Little cool down to the car.  16.6 miles in 2 hours with 2,072 feet of climbing.  Definitely a little risky doing a run this big so soon, but I needed to see if my foot would have a chance to do the Lithia Loop Trail Marathon next weekend.  Looks like I should sign up for it! Strava

Saturday, October 31


Sunday, November 1

9 miles in the trails with some rolling hills.  80 minutes, 1,700 feet of gain.  Kept a fairly steady effort the whole time.  Strava

Weekly Totals: 7h 4m running.  53 miles, 6,864 feet of gain

October 19-25

Monday, October 19


Tuesday, October 20

5.6 miles in 53:43.  finally saw a bear today!  Just a few small walk breaks

Wednesday, October 21

5 miles through Lithia Park.  45 minutes.  One walk break in the middle.

Thursday, October 22

6.5 miles on the ditch and through the Oredson-Todd Woods.  61 minutes.  Just one small walk break at the turn around.

Friday, October 23

6.2 miles around the park.  52 minutes.  Legs finally remembering how to run again.

Saturday, October 24

Hour on the flat roads of Bandon.  8.4 miles and 7:02 average for the run.  Legs nearly felt comfortable at that pace.  definitely still needs some practice.

Sunday, October 25


Weekly Totals:  4h 32m running.  31.9 miles.  2,635 feet climbing.

October 12-18

Monday, October 12


Tuesday, October 13

Morning bike ride on trainer.  5×3 minutes on 2 minutes off, 5×1 minute on 1 off @ hard.  got HR up to 180 on final few reps

Wednesday, October 14

45 minutes easy on the bike trainer

Thursday, October 15

AM:3 miles in 32:15.  Crap, crap, crap, better, better, good, good, success!  First 20 minutes, my foot felt like crap, but it did slowly loosen up some, and was almost pain free towards the end.

PM: Dead Indian Memorial Road Bike Ride.  33.2 miles, 2h 19m, 4,052 feet of gain.  strava

Friday, October 16

6×5 minute run, 90 second walk.  better than yesterday!

Saturday, October 17

Easy hour on the bike trainer.  18.5mi

Sunday, October 18

56 minutes on the ditch.  5.1 miles.  took walk breaks by feel.

Weekly Totals: 5h 4m Cycling, 2h 13m running.  12.5mi running